Build your own

Need a customized Discord bot with your own branding, name, and profile picture? Create a bot with a few clicks, provide your own bot account, let us handle the rest.


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Our Features

Discover the possibilities of's bot creation and management platform, designed to make bot-building easy and accessible for everyone - no matter your technical expertise or budget. With our range of powerful features, you can bring your bot to life and watch your community thrive.

Your brand

Fully customizable bot! Name it, shape it and design it. The only limit is your imagination.

Pay only for what you use

Smart payment and utilization system that guarantees you pay for what you use. Its not funny business, just a damn good deal.

No commitment

No contracts, no extended purchase period. Pay for what you use; it's that simple. Don't like it? Get your money back, no hassle.

We host it, we maintain it

You give us your bot token, we turn that into whatever you can dream of. Seamless integration to turn your bot into a live and beautiful end product. No hassle on your end, we host it for you and if anything goes wrong we have dedicated monkeys ready to repair any issues!

Fully modular

Professionally designed configurations for all types of bots at your fingertips. From moderation and modmail to level systems and in server currency the possibilities are limitless with our always expanding library of curated bots. Ready to deploy or ready for some custom tweaking you will never be disappointed!

Easy to use control panel

Editing and changing your settings has never been easier the fully integrated control panel puts you in the driver seat, making it so easy that grandma could do it!

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